1. I already paid. When do I get my login data?

You receive your account instantly after the payment.
In addition you will get an email containing your credentials, please check your spam folder first before contacting us.

2. How do I change my email address and password on my new League of Legends account?

1. Login at leagueoflegends.com with your received credentials

2. Click on settings when hovering over the summoner name at the top-right corner

Click on the marker symbol right from “E-Mail” or/and “Password” and change it to your liking

Make sure to change your e-mail address first, because you will be sent a confirmation code when changing the password

3. My account got banned. What do I do now?

Just simply write us a message in our Live Chat containing your order number and your login credentials.

“Lifetime Warranty” means we aren’t going to find any loophole not to honour our word. If your account is ever banned for something that is out of your control, we will replace!

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