Buy Lol Accounts

  • Lifetime warranty
  • all accounts are level 30+
  • E-Mail and password changeable
  • Live chat support

Buy LoL accounts with lifetime warranty

We are offering a lifetime warranty for every LoL account on this site
Other sites are giving you maybe 7, 14 or even 30 days warranty but that is not enough for us!
We are so convinced that our LoL accounts are the best when it comes to security and liability. So we are offering you a lifetime warranty on each and every LoL account you are buying on this site.
Should your LoL Account got be banned nevertheless you just have to write us a message in our Live Chat and we will check your issue.
You can even choose if you want to have a new account or your money back.

What LoL Account should I buy?

Capsules + Blue Essence

These LoL Accounts are the best option for everyone searching the kick by opening the LoL capsules.
Most likely you will get a champion shard of one of the champions you are playing and can buy this champion now for a cheaper price.

If you open all capsules and disentchant the champion shards afterwards you usually land between 35k and 40k Blue Essence.

Just Blue Essence

If you got no time and want just to buy your main champions to join the ranked queue this is the best fit for you.
These LoL accounts come with as much Blue Essence as promised - if not even more.

Buy your desired champions and start dominating the Rift.

Buy LoL Accounts and get it instantly

Right after you made your payment for one or more of our LoL accounts, our automatic system is already preparing your LoL account for beeing handed out to you. You will find a link at the top of the order confirmation page which leads you to your new LoL account.
To make sure you are getting your LoL account we will send you this link by email aswell and you can find it in your "My account" page. Isn't that simpel?

Bough an LoL account and got a question?

You can contact us anytime asking questions about your new purchased LoL account or if you would like to get more insight before you purchase.
Obviously, we do have times where we are sleeping or doing other IRL stuff. But right when we become avaiable again we will answer your messages.

Why you should buy a LoL smurf account


Have you ever felt like you can't get any further on the ranked ladder just because your teammates are not as good as you are? Yes? You are in the elohell then.
With a new LoL smurf account you will start all over again and this time jump right above your level you have been before.

Playing with friends

Your friends are in Silver while you are beating up everyone in Diamond but you want to taste the good old Silver sweat with your friends again? Buy a LoL smurf account and help your friends defeating the enemies again.

Fresh MMR

Have you ever thought about starting with a fresh LoL account and a fresh MMR again? This is your time starting all over again. Our LoL Accounts are completely untouched and never played a single ranked game since creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my password and/or e-mail address?

1. Login at with your received credentials

2. Click on settings when hovering over the summoner name at the top-right corner

Click on the marker symbol right from "E-Mail" or/and "Password" and change it to your liking

Make sure to change your e-mail address first, because you will be sent a confirmation code when changing the password

I already paid. When do I get my LoL account?

You will get an E-Mail with a download link to your LoL account right after your payment. In addition you can find this link at the order confirmation page at the top of the screen.

My account got banned. What do I do now?

Just simply write us a message in our Live Chat containing your order number and your login credentials. In addition, please write if you want to have a new account or your money refunded.

What does "Lifetime Warranty" mean?

"Lifetime Warranty" means you will get a new account as long as this site exists, if your account got locked or banned for botting and this was not self-inflicted.
Each reported ban will be checked manually.