I already paid. When do I get my LoL account?

You will get 2 emails from us right after your purchase.

The second email looks exactly like the picture on the left and contains your login data in the format username:password

How do I change my password and/or e-mail address?

1. Login at leagueoflegends.com with your received credentials

2. Click on settings when hovering over the summoner name at the top-right corner

Click on the marker symbol right from "E-Mail" or/and "Password" and change it to your liking

Make sure to change your e-mail address first, because you will be sent a confirmation code when changing the password

My account got banned. What do I do now?

Just simply write us a message in our Live Chat containing your order number and your login credentials.

What does "Premium Warranty" mean?

"PremiumWarranty" means you will get a new account as long as this site exists, if your account got locked or banned for botting within 2 weeks after purchasing and this was not self-inflicted.
Each reported ban will be checked manually.