70,000 BE NA LoL Account

19,99 incl. taxes

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  • Region: North America
  • Level 30 account
  • 70000+ Blue Essence
  • Email address can be changed
  • Password can be changed
  • All seasons unranked
  • untouched MMR
  • New rune pages
  • Reasonable nickname
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Premium support in Live Chat, Discord and email
  • Instant delivery (to billing email)


This product includes a Level 30 account in NA that has at least 70,000 Blue Essences. This account has not yet played a ranked game in any season and therefore has a fresh MMR and no rank. This account is Honor Lvl. 2 and therefore has no restrictions on chat or other internal game features.
Each account, including this one, has been created with an unverified email address that can be easily changed and verified by you. The password can also be changed easily and without our intervention.

Every account has a reasonable nickname without numbers, special characters, unusual upper and lower case letters or strange arrangement of letters. If you still don’t like the nickname, you can change it with some Blue Essences that are on this account.

Each account is protected by our lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about anything and can focus on your game and account.

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