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Included in this product:

  • Capsules + BE or just BE Account
  • Level 30 Account
  • Random Summoner name
  • 1 champion
  • Random Riot Points
  • Premium warranty for 2 weeks
  • Instant delivery
  • Premium support (Discord / Live Chat)

The different LoL account types

Capsules + Blue Essence

These accounts are perfect for anyone, and with a little bit of luck, could make your account perfect! You will recieve the blue essence gained from leveling up as well as the capsules gained from getting to level 30. Inside these capsules are a mix of additional blue essence and champion shards. With champion shards you can either spend blue essence to get the champion cheaper than in the store, or dissasemble them for a bunch of even more blue essence! On average, if you dissasembled every champion gained from these shards you should end with around 35 - 40 thousand blue essence, perfect for buying any champions you enjoy and extras for ranked!

Just Blue Essence

If you're short on time or are just excited to jump into the rift with your main champion, These accounts might be the ones just for you. These come with just a straight bulk of blue essence for you to quickly buy all the champions you want and hop right into a game!